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You & Your (Summer) Job

05.28.17 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

    Memorial Day Weekend, which is this weekend, marks the unofficial start of the summer vacation season.  Following are just a few suggestions for you from your pastor who hopes you have a great  summer.  Really.

    Suggestion # 1  Please be careful.  People tend to hurt themselves when they are on vacation.  Wear a helmet or sunscreen or whatever.  Look before you leap.  All that.

    Suggestion # 2  If you have to go on vacation, to a place away from home where nobody knows you, to do something, then you probably ought not to be doing it in the first place.  And, by the way, it’s a small world.  You are likely to run into somebody you know (who might be trying to avoid running into somebody they know).

    Suggestion # 3  Please send in your financial support for your church when you are away.  Our bills around here don’t take a vacation.  Use the on-line and text-to-give systems.  They work great, even when you’re home.

    Suggestion # 4  Consider checking out another church near the place where you are vacating.  It will only take a little time and you might discover a neat group of fellow believers.  You might also realize what a great home church you have.

    If visiting in person is not an option, remember that you can always watch our 10:30 worship service live via our web site (conwayfbc.com).