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What To Do About That Feeling That Church Stuff Is A Waste Of Time

06.04.17 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

    It’s surprising to me (maybe not to anybody else) as to how many people think of church or religion or spirituality as a component for a well-rounded or so-called balanced life.  What’s surprising is that, while pervasive in society and even among church go-ers, this notion is wrong and dangerous.

    It’s wrong because of it’s premise:  Church or religion or spirituality is not a description of Christianity.  Following Jesus means to recognize Him and then commit to follow Him and, basically, to know Him.

    It’s also wrong because nobody can ever lead a balanced life anyway.  Life will throw one off-balance and will do so repeatedly.  The Bible never talks about a balanced life—it speaks about a centered life, which means a life that revolves around Jesus as Savior and Lord (Master, King, Absolute Boss).

    It is offensive to the Lordship of Jesus to consider Him a good ingredient, like knowing a little Spanish.  Or playing some golf.

    A hobby-like Christianity is dangerous because it conveys a false sense of security and maybe a twisted kind of belief system.

    At it’s most benign, a balancing of Jesus with everything else is like a food buffet where they put the deserts in easy reach.  It’s personal taste on parade.

    This smorgasbord celebrates heaven and all that but easily skips the sacrifice and service.