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The Power of a Do-Over

12.30.18 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

    When do you take down your Christmas tree?  Does it come down on December 26?  Is it gone already?  How about after New Year’s?  Certainly, it has to be stored at least by Easter.

    I heard about a lady who designed her new home so that there was a closet right behind the spot where the Christmas tree stood.  As soon as Christmas celebrations ceased, she simply opened the closet door and pushed the tree, fully decorated, into the closet.

    She was really smart.  Most of us don’t have enough room for a Christmas Tree Closet.

    Personally, I think New Year’s Day is the absolute deadline for decorations to be stored away.  The earlier the better.  Let’s move on.  Play some different music.

    And, for goodness sake, clean up the wrapping paper right away.  What are you thinking, letting it lie around?  This is dangerous, people.  And, besides that, the longer it sits, the higher is the possibility that something is going to get stuffed into a trash bag that ought to have been saved (this DOES NOT apply to Aunt Jeane’s sweater; go ahead and “accidentally” throw it out.  No one will tell because they got one, too).

    Christmas ends, as surely as it comes. 

    You can clean up Christmas but you can never put Christ into a closet somewhere.  He won’t stand for that.