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05.05.19 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

    Acquiring a new home is a big decision.  Moving is a big deal.  Money, lots of money, is involved, whether for a purchase or for a lease.

    People move a lot, according to those who track stuff like that.  Some people don’t move much or ever.  This trend for staying in place is more prominent as a person gets older.  Or as a person gets a house paid for.

    Home is not always where the house is because a house is not necessarily a home.  People can make a home in lots of different settings.

    A home is more about who is there than what the structure is.  Maybe more about who than where, because people can make a home in a place where, due to circumstances like work assignments, they really don’t want to reside.  For example, some places are very cold.

    Robert Frost once said, “Home is a place that, when you arrive there, they have to take you in.’  That’s generally true, depending on how you acted the last time.

    God has prepared a home for the believer.  It is easy to get sidetracked and think too much about what kind of home He has prepared, leading to speculation about a mansion on a hillside.  Others worry about where Heaven is, offering some grand ideas that combine physics and religion and comic books.

    For sure, the best part about the heavenly home is Who is there.  Jesus makes Heaven heavenly.