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Run Like a Rhino

02.10.19 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

    How would you live if you were fairly sure this was your last week on Earth?  In other words, what changes would you make if there was a high likelihood that you would be dead in about 7 days?

    This is a huge question and heavy to ponder on a  Sunday when you are feeling pretty good about making it to church with all the children more-or-less intact. 

    A long time ago, Paul thought he was in his last days on the planet.  He had good reason to think this, since he was in a prison cell and at the disposal of the Roman Empire.  His letter to his friends in a church in the ancient city of Philippi is full of references to his uncertain earthly future but of his very certain heavenly future.

    He was ready to go to Heaven, he told them, but maybe not on the next bus (just a figure of speech:  there are no bus routes that lead to Heaven).

    Paul did lose his life sometime after the letter to the Philippians; we’re not sure exactly when.  The point, however, is that he died like he lived.  Or, if you prefer, he lived like he died.

    Chances are this is not your last week to live.  But you don’t need a death sentence to evaluate and then make some better commitments.  Sometimes, a life sentence actually works better.  Living can be harder than dying.

    So, here’s a rule to live by:  Whatever you plan to do for God, do that right now.