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Remembering Rightly

05.26.19 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

    This is the Memorial Weekend, so named because tomorrow is Memorial Day, a holiday that was first set to help a grateful nation remember its war dead.

    Memorial Day has expanded to include all those who have passed away.  Many cemeteries, particularly those in rural areas, have big do’ins (a rural word which means events or observances) associated with the Memorial Day Weekend.

    Memorial Day Weekend also marks the unofficial start of summer.  School is out and vacations are commencing.

    People have a generally more laid back attitude, at least until it becomes really hot and unbearably humid.

    Memorial Day is supposed to be about remembering and so here is list of things to remember as summer starts.

    1. Sunscreen. I had a skin cancer scare several years ago and so now I use sunscreen.  I did not use it as a kid, mainly because we didn’t have it back then.  You should slather or spray or otherwise put it on.
    2. Church. We will have church while you are gone.  It will be hard, but we will do our best.  You can watch services on Sunday by going to our website (conwayfbc.com).  We will still be here when you get around to coming again.
    3. Money. Send it in or use our text-to-give even if you’re gone.  Summertime A/C is expensive.