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Putting Your Family In Their Place

05.14.17 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

    Mothers are great.

    My wife, the mother of my children, is great.  My wife’s mother, now in Heaven, was great.  My own mother, at age 85, is still great and has been consistently so.  My daughter-in-law, the mother of my grandchildren, is great.

    In case I am not clear, let me state again, for the record:  Mothers are great.

    Motherhood is also hard and the mothering instinct is very strong.  It is possible, at least in theory and certainly not with any of the women I have already referenced above, that a mother’s instinct can be misapplied.

    What I mean is that a mom (or a dad, but this is Mother’s Day and so I’ll wait until June to talk about men) might think that they are helping their kids when they could, in fact, not be helping very much at all.

    One might notice this when a mom “hovers” over her offspring.  Such helicopter parenting sometimes extends into adolescence.  I heard about a kid who brought his mom to help him talk to his college professor.

    Grown kids likely will not do well if mom (or dad) is up in their business after they have married and started a family.  Advice is one thing, but …

    It’s both hard and necessary to be a mom.  They deserve appreciation and recognition.

    Mothers are great.