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01.13.19 | by Nancy Hannon


    If you’re familiar with the 80's sitcom Cheers, you know that every time Norm walked in, the people in the room greeted him by saying his name—”Norm!”.  As a rule, even if we don’t necessarily want everyone to shout our name as we come in the door, we at least want to  feel welcome once we get there.  It’s important everywhere, but it’s extremely important to us here at CFBC.  As a matter of fact, it’s so important that we have three different signs in the lobby that say “Everyone’s Welcome”. It’s also why we have a Greeter Team waiting to open the door for you or hand you a worship program.  Greeters don’t have to have specialized skills—you just need to be able to smile and make people feel (here’s that word again) welcome. 

    I’m looking for some people who like people (for the most part), who can smile and say hello, and who can commit to serve about once a month. You can serve on the early team (greet before and after the 8:00 service), the later team (greet before and after the 10:30 service),  or both.  If you have questions or are interested in volunteering, please contact me by emailing                   or by calling the church office at 501-329-5648.

    “Sometimes you want to go
    Where everybody knows your name
    And they're always glad you came
    You want to be where you can see
    The troubles are all the same
    You want to be where everybody knows your name “

    Theme Song from “Cheers”