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I Believe in God

01.12.20 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

    A kid has a pet hamster named, Fluffy.  The kid is attentive to Fluffy and enjoys watching him or her moving around in his or her metal cage.

    One day, the kid notices that Fluffy is over in the corner.  He or she just sits there with his or her head resting against the wall.  Fluffy is not dead.  The kid can see him or her breathing and sort of twitching, but he or she never moves from the corner of his or her metal cage.

    The kid is concerned.  After three days with Fluffy still in the same corner (but obviously not dead), the kid’s mom decides to go to the veterinarian to discover what the deal is with Fluffy.  They enter the exam room with Fluffy still in his or her cage.  Same corner as always, just sitting there, twitching a little.

    The vet asks if anything is different with Fluffy.  Mom reports that Fluffy got out of his or her cage about three days ago.  They found him, to everyone’s relief but for different reasons, under the refrigerator.

    The vet reaches in and, with some protest, pulls Fluffy out and places him or her on the table, whereupon he or she starts to walk around, like a miracle has happened.

    The doctor notices something in Fluffy’s  mouth.  It is a refrigerator magnet.  Fluffy was stuck to his or her metallic cage by his or her mouth because he or she would not  give up the magnet. 

    Be careful what you want.  What looks good can get you stuck for a long time.