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Getting an Attitude

02.17.19 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

    Nobody has everything going their way—or if they do, they won’t have it going like that for very long.  That’s the reality of life.

    Sure, it seems like a few folks do better, generally, than others, which means better than me.  There are certainly those who do worse, and a few who live under a black cloud where it’s just about always raining.

    People, and by “people” I mean myself and literally everybody I know, want to be happy or at least to be less troubled.  We even pray about it.

    Think about the last time you prayed.  What were your topics?  Probably you asked God to relieve some  circumstance or to help some problem.  You might have even begged for a miracle.

    Nothing wrong with that kind of praying.  I do it all the time.  People in the Bible prayed like that, too, because they wanted a better situation.

    Situations can change.  I’ve seen it happen.  What’s also true is that change in people is more rare.

    I need to change even when, and maybe especially when, my world stays the same.  Or gets worse.

    I need to change my attitude.  More exactly, I need a whole new attitude because the one I’ve got stinks (this is a theological word I learned in Graduate School).

    Jesus had a great attitude, including when His life was hard.  Getting that attitude in me would be a miracle.