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Generating the Next Generation

05.07.17 | by Nancy Hannon

    Today we celebrate Family Dedication.  I know we call it “Baby Dedication,” but really, there are two families involved—the family each baby was born into, and us—the church family of Conway First Baptist.

    You may not realize how much of an impact a church family can have on a child, but from the time a baby is born until they graduate high school, there are approximately 936 weeks.  In church-time, that’s 936 Sundays. That may sound like a lot of time, but believe me, it goes by quickly.  (Just ask the parents who have kids graduating later this month.)

    The babies we will meet today will have volunteers in the nursery waiting to hold them, rock them, and sing to them about how much Jesus loves them.  Once they move to the Toddler room, Mrs. Jennifer will teach them how to pray before they have snacks each week.  When they’re three, they’ll move up to SPLASH and have their very first worship service—designed just for them.  In just a few weeks, you’ll meet our new batch of first graders, who will go to the LODGE—a worship service for 1st—3rd graders.  That same day, the new “sevvies” will move upstairs to the BURN Student Ministry for the very first time.  Even preteens, 4th—6th graders, have their very own worship service each week called the EDGE. 

    You may wonder  - why do we do all this?  The reason is because we believe that EVERY WEEK COUNTS.  We want to make sure that we don’t miss a single opportunity to love, teach, and equip these kids in a way that is the most effective for them.  That takes lots of people, and thankfully, we have a church family who believes in  investing in kids at every stage.  So today, please join me as we celebrate precious new babies and dedicate ourselves as a church family to partnering with their parents to make every week count.