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Father's Day

06.16.19 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

    A recent survey indicates that “when children have questions about their Heavenly Father, their first instinct is to ask their mother”, according to information recently published in Christianity Today.

    Men have some catching up to do.

    The poll was taken by Barna Research, which is a reliable organization.   The questions were asked of those who were practicing Christians, meaning, for the purpose of the survey, (1) those who attend religious service at least once a month, (2) those who say their faith is very important in their lives and (3) those who self-identify as Christians.

    So, regular people were asked about their parents.   And, these regular people were teenagers—an ingredient that adds a whole other layer of importance.

    When asked, for example, which parent’s faith most influenced them, moms came out on top 68% to 46% (this is not a 100% sum; it’s per kid).  It gets worse.

    Which parent responded to their faith questions?  72% said their mother.

    Church attendance was encouraged way more by mom:  79% versus 64%.

    The only close category was teaching faith by example.  Here, dads were only 2 points behind moms.

    Men, particularly fathers, can do better.  The sobering thing is that by the teen years, influence is about over.