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03.17.19 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

    The Christian Cross, as jewelry, is ubiquitous (for those in West Conway, this word means, “all over the place”).  People, and by people I mean mostly women, wear crosses a lot.

    And, the sign or symbol of the cross is found elsewhere, for example, at the top of a church steeple.  Look up when you leave the building today and you'll see what I mean.

    Some say that the cross as a symbol dates back only to the time of the Crusades (1095—1492), but I dispute that.  Archeologists have found the Christian Cross as early as AD 300—along with other Jesus Follower symbols such as the fish and the anchor.

    I recently joined in on a newish jewelry fad when I bought Betty Anne an horizontal cross necklace (Christmas), an horizontal cross ear stud set (anniversary) and an horizontal cross bracelet (Valentine’s Day).  They look nice and she seemed pleased, which was my goal.

    Anyway, the horizontal cross might be a symbol within a symbol.  Some say the sideways cross indicates that Jesus carried it, meaning that He bore our sins, which is true.  Others say that the horizontal position means that His work is finished, which is also absolutely right.

    The cross might be represented in jewelry, whether vertical or horizontal, but can never be appreciated without acknowledging and accepting the Savior who died there.  I bought sterling silver; Jesus bought Life.