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Believing Unbelievers

05.21.17 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

    I’ve probably said this a thousand times, in sermons or in conversations, but, here’s goes again:

    You make your decisions, and then your decisions make you.

    I mean that decisions matter; some decisions can literally change your life.  But every decision is important—and comes with consequences—even when the decision-maker can’t see the result right away (or   ever).

    So, how do you decide?

    Now, you may contend that you analyze and scrutinize and maybe even pray.  All that is good.

    But, actually deciding is a matter of belief.  You decide based upon what you believe. 

    You decide based upon IF you believe.

    I confess that I sometimes live like a Christian atheist.  I live, I make my decisions, like I don’t know God or trust Him or believe what He says.

    I can do things that say I don’t care about God and don’t intend to obey Him or please Him.

    Not all the time, but sometimes.  It just depends on when you check me.

    Most everybody believes in God and maybe even that He deserves respect and all that.  In theory, at least.

    Unbelief is the root of all disobedience and distance from Jesus.  All of it.