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    01.13.19 | by Nancy Hannon

    “NORM!“ If you’re familiar with the 80's sitcom Cheers, you know that every time Norm walked in, the people in the room greeted him by saying his name—”Norm!”.  As a rule, even if we don’t...

      Spotlight on...Bridgett Cossey

      04.08.18 | by Nancy Hannon

      One of the most unsung heroes of  Children’s Ministry is the person who runs the Preschool.  Not only is it the area with the most focus when it comes to safety and security, it is also the area that runs the largest number of...

        Spotlight on....Jennifer Hobbs

        02.18.18 | by Nancy Hannon

        Spotlight on……Jennifer Hobbs Children’s Ministry takes a LOT of people.  We have people who lead worship.  People who teach.  People who make sure we have no “escapees”.  People who play games...

          Generating the Next Generation

          05.07.17 | by Nancy Hannon

          Today we celebrate Family Dedication.  I know we call it “Baby Dedication,” but really, there are two families involved—the family each baby was born into, and us—the church family of Conway First Baptist. You may...