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    I Believe in Salvation

    01.26.20 | by Colby Crow

    4 Reasons I am in a Home Group: I Like to Eat.  Baptist are really good at a few things, meals are at the top of that list.  My home groups eat together, and those meals include really group conversations about sports, the weather...

      Real, Live, Face-To-Face Friends

      09.08.19 | by Colby Crow

      “If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”  This is a quote that I have often heard, and I think it rings true.  We need people around us to share life with.  People who will not only...

        When a Plan Comes Together

        03.10.19 | by Colby Crow

        Daylight savings time begins today.  It is a weird idea that started with New Zealand scientist George Vernon Hudson.   Hudson was not a Baptist, because we know that once the daylight is saved, it is always saved.   I...