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A Jerk Called Nabal

06.02.19 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

    Every single one of us can be difficult on some days.  This condition is due to several factors, which all can be summarized in one thought:  Every single one of us is a sinner.

    So, selfishness is inherent and inherited.  And, on some days, it rises up so that we become a real jerk.

    Jerkiness is relative, of course.  Some of your relatives are jerks (sorry, really bad joke and pun; don’t write me letters).

    You know somebody who is mostly a jerk and is mostly that way to most people most all of the time.  They have an issue, of course, and you are on the wrong end of whatever issue they have.

    You know the type:  They were not so much born again as they were born against.  Their favorite book in the Bible is Lamentations.

    I have an explanation as to why jerks exist.  I call it the Skeeter Theory.  It goes like this:  Jerks are around, at least in part, to make other flawed people look really, really good. 

    You can defend against mosquitoes using various sprays (products containing a chemical called Deet work best).  You often have to live with or around jerks.

    The best solution to a jerk-infested environment is a close walk with the Lord.  His powerful help will keep you from becoming the very thing that makes you itch.