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    A Jerk Called Nabal

    06.02.19 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

    Every single one of us can be difficult on some days.  This condition is due to several factors, which all can be summarized in one thought:  Every single one of us is a sinner. So, selfishness is inherent and inherited.  And, on...

      Remembering Rightly

      05.26.19 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

      This is the Memorial Weekend, so named because tomorrow is Memorial Day, a holiday that was first set to help a grateful nation remember its war dead. Memorial Day has expanded to include all those who have passed away.  Many cemeteries...

        You're The Guy

        05.19.19 | by Tyler Bass

        Senior Sunday.  It’s a big deal, but not just because it’s graduation day. It’s much more than that.  This is the beginning of a transition in the lives of seniors all over the world.   A transition of...

          Mama Tried

          05.12.19 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

          The history of Mother’s Day is interesting, as are most mothers themselves.  I mean that last part in the most complimentary of ways. Mothers are unique and different, to say the least.  Some are exuberant and expressive, others...


            05.05.19 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

            Acquiring a new home is a big decision.  Moving is a big deal.  Money, lots of money, is involved, whether for a purchase or for a lease. People move a lot, according to those who track stuff like that.  Some people don’t...