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    What Christmas Means to Me

    12.11.16 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

    Most of us can’t remember Christmas without lights.  But, of course, Christmas lights have changed.  For one thing, they are cheaper to buy. I found out that Thomas Edison (yes, the same guy that invented light bulbs) started the...

      The Lights of Conway

      12.04.16 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

      Welcome to The Lights at Conway’s First! The Lights exist because The Light has come—which gives our annual celebration of Christmas such meaning and purpose. You will notice that things are different around your church...

        Live It Up

        11.20.16 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

        A dad was having a “conversation” with his son who needed, according to the father, to go get a job and make something of himself. Words like that (edited for church). Here’s how the exchange went: Go get a job. Why?...

          Your Money Is Your Life

          11.13.16 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

          So this guy was very rich and lots of people want- ed to know the secret to his success. He finally agreed to make a talk to share his journey to wealth. His speech had four points which all started with the same letter: Determination...

            How Giving connects You With God

            11.06.16 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

            You may wonder why we do sermons about giv- ing and financial stewardship. Maybe you think we should leave it alone. Maybe you are not interested in the subject and don’t see how it fits with other Chris- tian topics. Maybe. But...