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    Worship Times

    11.19.17 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

    There are very few people who actually cannot sing.  There are some, and I have heard them try to sing.  But most people can do it, maybe just not all that well.  Singing is about rhythm and pitch.  To sing, a person must...

      What To Do After All That

      11.12.17 | by Craig Bowling

      Worship is so much more than a song or a time during a church service where we sing together. To worship someone/something means to show reverence and  adoration.  True worship can be defined by the priority we place on who God is in...

        Costly Worship

        11.05.17 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

        Worship is one of the major traits of value.  It’s not the only one, but it is a big one.  A person can worship a person or a thing.  Worship happens when worth-ship (where “worship” originated) is realized. In...


          10.29.17 | by Kyle Cochran

          We’ve  been talking a LOT about giving over the past few weeks . . why we should, how we could . .  today about what might happen if we all would.  It’s a topic that’s covered pretty extensively in the Bible, so...


            10.22.17 | by Dr. Dale Wicker

            Lots of restaurants provide a “tip guide” either on the credit card terminal or maybe at the bottom of the paper receipt.  The guide provides the correct amount for a chosen percentage—and maybe a description, like...